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We realize that wedding photography is very important to most people in order to document their special day for years to come. While wedding videography has come on in recent years in terms of popularity, it also documents your wedding day experience, but in a very different way.

The Advice

Hiring a videographer gives you a chance to have your own movie made about you and your fiance and let's face it, how many times will you be able to say that in your life. When you put something on film and add sound to it, there is something exciting and lively about it and such a medium emits emotions unlike anything else in this world. The only thing you need to make sure of is that you hire the right person for the job. There are plenty of professional wedding videographers in the New Jersey area, but to ensure that you find and hire the right one for your wedding, you will need to look at a number of potential candidates and find out what they are about. When you have them right in front of you, ask them these all important questions and then ask yourself, is this the person for my video needs?

For the most part, there are two main types of videography styles: cinematic and documentary. You need to decide which one you like best so you can hire someone who specializes in that particular style. The cinematic style is closely related to creating a mini-movie which includes music, special effects, montages, and edited in material. Documentary style consists of a continual timeline documenting all of the events that happen at a wedding in a chronological fashion. Decide which way you want your story to be told and find a videographer that can make it happen.

There is no substitute for an experienced videographer. Talk about how many weddings each candidate has done and have them show you some sample videos. These samples will be a great way for you to see if their style is something that you would consider for your wedding. Also, be sure to speak with past clients to find out how the videographer was to work with. For the professional that has numerous weddings under their belt, they will have no problem understanding where they need to go when and what they need to capture to create the best video possible. Don't leave this up to chance. Ask the candidate what kind of equipment they use. Find out if it is professional level equipment. Ask how and where their equipment will be setup and whether it will get in the way or not. How do they handle sound and lighting? In creating your finished product, what is the thinking process in editing your footage.

Find out if they have shot any weddings at your chosen venue. If they have, they will know where to setup immediately and they will know how to get around with ease. Do they offer the option of having a second shooter at your wedding? This can be a great option because it will ensure that no special moment will be missed. Talk a bit about coordinating their shooting with your photographer. What have they done in the past in regard to this? The conversation will eventually come around to money. How much do they charge? What package deals do they offer? Look for the package that seems to offer everything that you are looking for. And keep in mind that it takes time to professionally edit footage down to a professional final product. Ask how long this process will take. Some can do it within a couple of months but don;t be surprised if you get an answer of up to a year. All of the information that you obtain in these sessions should give you a great feel for each candidate and we believe one high quality candidate will emerge from the pack. When that happens, get everything in writing and book your very own professional videographer.