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All of the moments that you will experience on your special day will be something that you will never want to forget. So, in order to help you not forget them, one of the best things you can do is hire a professional wedding photographer to document as many of these moments as possible. You won't really realize how important a hire this is until long after your wedding is in the rear view mirror. But the challenge for you is to find the perfect wedding photographer for your particular needs. There are hundreds of photographers in the New Jersey area, some of them are are excellent and some of them are not quite at the level that you would want. There are many considerations that you will want to think about before you sign any contracts. We would like to help you with this all important search so we have provided a list of pertinent questions that you will want to ask anyone that you consider for your job opening.

The Advice

Your first task will be to find a few potential photographers for you to consider. There are a few sources that you can tap for possible names. Word of mouth is still the best way to find out about potential candidates for anything you may need. So, you might start by asking your family and friends if they have seen any wedding images that just blew them away. Or you can start your search online by perusing the websites of professional photographers and review sites that provide feedback on services like wedding photography. Once you find a few candidates that look promising, setup a meeting with each candidate that has your wedding date available on their calendar.

At your meetings, make sure you are armed with questions that will reveal qualities in each candidate that you want to see in a professional. We recommend that you start the interview by talking about the candidates' background and experience. How long have they been shooting weddings? How many weddings have they photographed? Experience is an absolute essential if you are going to hire someone who is of a high quality and at the same time is able to pull off what you want to see. Someone who just got out of photography school and is looking for their first gig is not going to be a great candidate for your needs. Find out if they have shot weddings at your chosen venues. If they have not, would they be willing to do a site visit with you if they are hired? Check out their portfolio of weddings they have shot. Notice the kind of shots that they capture, do you like what you see?

Talk quite a bit about photographic style. What do they consider their style to be? Have them describe their style and even show you samples of what they mean. Does this seem to mesh with what you have in mind for your wedding. What makes them a better choice than their competitors? We really like this question because it gives them a chance to show their passion and uniqueness if they possess them. What equipment do they use? You may know nothing about photographic equipment, but if you write down what they tell you, you can look it up later and see if it is considered top of the line. What about a shot list? Do they have a standard list they operate from? Are you able to tweak that list to obtain specific shots you have your heart set on. Most professionals will expect this and should be agreeable.

Prices for professional photographers can really vary. They will more that likely show you a variety of packages that they offer. Check them out in depth especially noticing the number of shooting hours included. You want to make sure that you pay for a level that covers everything you want captured. Ask them if the packages are customizable. What album designs do they offer? Talk about retouching and editing services they offer. How long will it take to get your proofs? In terms of your finished products, how long will that take and how much will extra albums or photos cost you? Will you be given the negatives? Insist on this. If you find that you are more than satisfied with the answers given by one photographer in particular and the price is within your range, ask to see a written contract. Once everything looks great on paper, you are ready to hire the professional for your wedding needs.