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Sure, you want all of the flowers and the formalwear to be perfect. You also want the entertainment and food at your reception to be the top of the line. You want to make sure that all of the events at your wedding are documented so you hired a professional photographer and videographer. But to make everything completely satisfactory on your special day, you must have the right wedding officiant. If you take this decision for granted and you end up with the wrong person, you will never forgive yourself. So, take our word for it. Make sure that you get the right person for your very special job. The New Jersey area is not lacking in this arena so you are in futile ground. That is a good start, but the process of finding the professional that will make you happy will consist of asking some pertinent questions that will ensure you make the right decision.

The Advice

Before you meet with anyone to talk about your wedding needs, you need to decide whether you want a religious or civil ceremony. If you want a religious service, then you will need to start looking at denominations that you feel like your belief system matches up with. If you are looking at having a civil service, a good stating place would be your city clerks office. With whatever type of officiant you are looking for, you need to find out how much they are willing to let you customize the ceremony. A really good officiant should be willing to work with you to customize things they way you want them including putting in elements that you really like and taking out elements that you don;t care about as much.

Talk to each candidate that you interview about sample wording that they have used in the past for ceremonies they have performed. They should have some for you to read. Once you have had a chance to go over these samples, have a discussion about your own ideas in this regard. If you have a special reading or special music that you would like to have as part of your ceremony, present them to the candidate and see what their reaction is. This will go a long way in showing you if they are wedded to specific wording and events and if they do or do not allow for flexibility. You should be able to have a huge say in what you want presented.

Have a discussion about the marriage license. Is the candidate a notary? Some are and will be able to help you in the regard. If not, they should be able to guide you where to go. Find out if they are willing to attend your rehearsal. Remember, they are a huge part of your wedding and they should be at your rehearsal to make sure everyone is on the same page. If they say no, move on. Find out what they normally wear when they officiate and if you feel it clashes with your wedding d├ęcor, have a discussion about what could possibly be changed. Some officiants do not want flash photography going on while the elements of the ceremony are being performed. You will want to find out about this because if you have paid good money for a professional wedding photographer to catch every part of your wedding, this could be a conflict. Along the same lines, ask them if they are willing to wear a microphone if that is what the videographer requires. Price is rarely an issue in terms of your officiant. You obviously want to ask how much their services will be, but for the one that you really like, it will not be a serious impediment to hiring them.

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