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We know that you want your wedding to be as entertaining for your guests as possible. So, do yourself and your guests a huge favor and hire a professional wedding band that will keep the good times rolling all night long. Let's face it, everyone has been to those wedding receptions where the entertainment is so poor, that all of the guests are just looking for a way out. To keep that from happening to you, there are some very specific things that you will want to consider. You have probably never booked a wedding before, so we are here to help you through the process, Below is a brief guide that will help lead you to one of the best wedding bands in the New Jersey area and after your wedding is all over, everyone will be leaving on an absolute high because of the quality of entertainment you provided.

The Advice

Ask your circle of friends, family, and coworkers if they have recently heard any great bands at weddings they have attended. Look up the names you receive and check out their website. Is it professional in appearance and in the information it conveys? For those that look promising, call them up and find out if they have your wedding date available on their calendar. Once you have settled that matter, setup a place and time to meet in order to discuss how they might be able to service your wedding needs.

Most people don't think to ask this question, but you will want to find out how they usually dress when they perform at a wedding. We are not saying that you want the band to show up in tuxedos, but do you want them playing in ripped jeans and grungy t-shirts? If you have a standard in mind, perhaps a suit or just a nice pair of trousers and professional looking shirt, mention it now and see if they are willing to comply. Here is another very important question. When will the band setup and how long will it take? A horrible scenario for you is to have your band show up once the reception has begun. Here comes your musicians carrying all of their equipment banging against items and making a lot of noise while your best man is trying to make a speech or your guests are trying to enjoy their entree. Make sure they are willing to show up early and get everything situated before the festivities begin.

Ask the band if they are willing to coordinate with your venue. This can make things go a lot more smoothly as they can arrange the best time to show up and setup. They also can talk about where the best place to setup would be including where the electrical outlets are. Also, feel free to talk to your venue about what questions they feel you should ask. They probably will make some suggestions as they have a lot of experience with wedding vendors like bands. Find out how many band members will be performing and supply this number to your venue so they can have ample room for that number and all of their equipment.

Find out what kind of music they play. Your best option is to have a band that can play a wide variety of genres to make all of your guests happy. Will they play requests? Will they learn a special song for you? Go over the set list that the band likes to play and point out any specific songs that you absolutely do not want to hear. Now, here is something that you will want to arrange if possible. Ask them if there is any chance that you could possible see them live. This is the best way to gauge their professionalism and their impact on a crowd. If this is not possible, ask to see a video of a live performance. And of course then there is the big one: how much will you cost me? All of this information should be taken home and each candidate considered side by side. Based on your budget and the rest of the information provided, one band should jump out at you as the one for your wedding.

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