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You have probably heard the adage don't forget to stop and smell the flowers. Well, when it comes to planning a wedding, the floral arrangements are a major part of your wedding look and you not only want everyone to stop and smell them, you want your guests to stop and admire them from every angle.

The Advice

Many brides think that they can get a few friends together and handle all of their wedding floral arrangements themselves. It may seem easy but believe us when we tell you that it can become a real headache very quickly. So, our recommendation is to go ahead and bite the bullet and find yourself a quality professional florist in the New Jersey area. You will be very happy you let someone else handle it. And to help you find that florist, we have provided a brief guide to finding the florist of your wedding dreams.

Ask people you know if they have seen any exceptional floral arrangements at weddings lately. Or get online and do a Google search for “wedding florists in the New Jersey area.” Accumulate a few potential florists that you think have real possibilities. Contact them and see if they are accepting new clients and if they have your wedding date open on their calendar. If all is well, ask them if you can meet and discuss your wedding floral needs. At your meeting, ask to see some examples of past wedding work they have done. They should be able to show you a portfolio of past work. Also, check them on online by looking for reviews that past clients might have written about them.

Fairly early on in your meeting, make sure that you share your budget with the candidate. A quality professional should have suggestions as to how you can save money and keep close to your budget. For instance, in-season flowers are always much cheaper to use in arrangements. Also, make sure that the candidate is sensitive to your ideas and is a good listener. The last thing you want is someone who just breezes by what you say your vision is and instead steers things in their own direction. The should show you respect for who you are, a potential client.

See if they can or will create a mock-up of your bouquet before your big day so you can see it in person and make suggestions. Are there are things they can provide like votives, bay trees, lamps, and other accessories? These little details can really make your venues look complete and at the same time, they allow you to need less flowers which may keep you within your budget. And of course, you will finally have to ask how much all of this is going to cost you. Do you have to put down a deposit or do you have to pay in full immediately if you hired them? How far in advance would you need to order your flowers based on what you decide on? Is there an extra charge to deliver the arrangements to your venues? Will the florist set everything up on the day of your wedding? How long will that take? What if you or a guest accidentally breaks a vase or a votive, who is responsible for paying for something like that? All of these questions are important and you need to know the answers before you make any decisions. If you feel that one candidate in particular rises to the top and suits you much better than the rest, ask them for a written contract that states everything you talked about I terms of services and price. When you are satisfied with what is in black and white, so ahead and sign and start smelling the flowers.

The Best

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