Wedding Guide Dresses & Tuxedos

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There is no doubt about it, wedding formalwear can cost a pretty penny for both the men and the women. But, without it, your wedding will just not be the same. There are a few things to consider when you start visiting bridal or formalwear shops. The questions that a bride faces are much different than a groom. Here are a few tips to consider as you browse around the New Jersey area looking for the best option you can find in looking good for your special day.

The Advice

The main question facing the groom is whether to rent or buy a tuxedo. Renting a tuxedo will cost you about 20% of what it costs to buy a brand new one. The real decision here is related to how often you will find the need to wear a tuxedo after your wedding. If you know for sure that you will have a number of events to attend that call for a tuxedo, buying one may be worthwhile. And they never go out of style so no worries there. But otherwise, if your wedding will be the only event you will ever wear one, renting one will definitely be the easiest and cheapest option. There are a few issues you will want to keep in mind when looking for a good formalwear store. Choose one that updates their inventory on a regular basis. You also want to feel good about the staff, they should be very competent when it comes to measuring you properly and making alterations. Also, they should not be pushy in terms of what they think you should wear, make sure that they give you a few options and then the freedom to choose what you want. There aren't a lot of accessories to consider, but make sure that they walk you through the bow tie, commerbund, cufflinks, suspenders, and shoe options. One last tip on the men's side, if you have all of your groomsmen get their tuxedos at the same place, not only will you match perfectly, but you will often get a discount or a freebie thrown in. Ask about it.

For the bride, the search is much more involved of course. One key tip to get you started is that you should make sure that you schedule your salon appointment during the week and early in the day. It will be less busy and the staff will be more energized to help you. The first question out of your mouth that you need to ask the consultant is what dress would be best for my body shape. Spend more time concentrating on how the top of your dress looks than the bottom. Always remember, most of your guests will spend a lot more time looking at the top of your dress. Bring a camera to your appointment so you can have someone take a picture of you in each dress that you try on. This will not only help you compare various gowns, but it will help you to see what you will look like in your wedding photography. Also, don't be afraid to try on as many different dresses as you need to. But at the same time, when you know you have found the one, stop and buy that dress. And here is a big one. Only bring a couple of trusted people to your appointment, too many people means too many opinions that can muddy the waters when it comes time to make a decision. And don't be afraid to ask questions, you are there to talk to the experts. There is nothing wrong with realizing that you are not an expert and you need to rely on people that know the business of wedding dresses.