Wedding Guide Caterers

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For you and your fiancé, the biggest and most important element about your wedding is the ceremony where you look into each other's eyes and repeat those well known words and end by saying I do. But for your guests, as much as they love you and are happy that you are getting married, what they are looking forward to the most is the food and the entertainment at your reception. In order to live up to that kind of expectation, you will need to find an amazing wedding caterer. We won't lie to you, the search will involve some intense footwork, but in the end it will be worth it all in order to find the right one. So, as you head out into the New Jersey area and start your search, keep your budget in mind and make sure you ask any caterer you interview the following questions.

The Advice

The first thing that you need to find out is if the they have been catering for very long. Do not commit your wedding food to a newbie. Talk about an absolute disaster waiting to happen. There are a lot of moving parts involved in catering food to a large event and only experience will help a caterer learn how to handle all of the nuances involved and how to overcome problem issues that invariably crop up. So, do yourself a favor and only consider caterers that have a track record providing service to weddings. In fact, find out how good their track record is by requesting references from any candidate you interview and then calling each reference to get a first hand review of their service capabilities.

In terms of the food, find out if the caterer specializes in any particular kind of food. See if you can have a tasting setup in order to try it out for yourself. Pick a few other items from their menus to try at the same time. You may have something in mind in terms of cuisine, but keep an open mind if a particular caterer is exception with certain food because this could make everyone's time at your reception very memorable. If you have a budget, make sure that you mention this to each caterer that you interview so they can make possible suggestions on the menu in order to fit everything within your budget numbers. And speaking of prices, discuss some of their packages and get a feel for what this particular caterer is going to cost you. Based on your number of guests and and specific food choices, what is this going to cost you per person. Keep in mind that not all per person charges that a caterer give you includes items like tips, drinks, and set-up. So, make sure that each candidate gives you a total cost so you can comparison shop.

Who will be at the reception from the catering company that will be overseeing and coordinating the event? This is essential for you and your fiance to know because you need to only have one worry on your special day: enjoying it. Knowing that someone will be there to keep everything going and possibly handling any problem issues is invaluable. What about items like decor, linens, tables, chairs, silverware and more? Will they be able to provide any or all of these or will that be your responsibility? Have a discussion about the waitstaff. How many will be serving at your reception? What will they be wearing? Make sure all of this is to your liking. What about drinks? Will they be served with the meal by the waitstaff or will there be a separate bar area that guests walk up to? Will it be more economical if they provide the alcohol or if you do? We wish you well with your search but at least with this guide, you will be making an informed decision.