Camden Limo Bus Reviews

New Jersey Skyline

Donkey's Place

1223 Haddon Ave Camden, NJ 08103
(856) 966-2616

Donkey's Place is a local cheese steak destination in Camden. If you're looking for a place to pull up a chair and enjoy a quick, filling lunch, this is certainly a great destination for you to consider. The cheese steak with the poppy seed kaiser roll is definitely one of the favorite sandwich options here. This is a local eatery that always seems to be bumping with activity, so be sure to give it a fair shot when you're feeling hungry within the Camden area of New Jersey.

Pho Tan Phat Noodle House

3301 Westfield Ave Camden, NJ 08105
(856) 614-0800

Pho Tan Phat Noodle House is a Vietnamese noodle house that specializes in the delicious soup called pho. If you haven't enjoy delicious pho before, you're missing out on a fresh and filling way to enjoy a bowl of ramen. If that's not your style, you can also check out their other options of dishes to enjoy. The springs rolls are an especially great way to start out your meal here, but be sure to leave room for the deliciousness to follow.

San Lucas Mexican Restaurant

2600 Federal St Camden, NJ 08105
(856) 966-3556

San Lucas Mexican Restaurant is a Mexican restaurant with authentic offerings for tacos, tamales, burritos, tortas, and more. Your tacos will come topped with green salsa, red salsa, and pico de gallo. The mole tastes as though you got it right from Mexico! We love that you can get tons of food for a small price here, it really makes it a great choice when it comes to affordability. We highly recommend the mole enchiladas.

Reggae Grill

2121 Federal St Camden, NJ 08105
(856) 361-7067

Reggae Grill is a Caribbean style restaurant with a lot of fantastic seafood. We love the rice and beans that come standard with each dish. Whether it's lunch or dinner you're hungry for, you'll be able to find something delicious here. The jerk chicken is extremely flavorful with tons of spice, while the cabbage side dish allows for you to feel a bit healthier about the sinful macaroni and cheese that you just devoured. A side order of the plantains is the perfect compliment to whatever you're eating.